The Next Web Conference

Calling All The Crazy Ones

The Next Web, a gathering of the top talent and like minded individuals in technology, has put out the call.  They are looking for those daring, innovative and passionate enough to come up with the next big thing, to come together next week in Amsterdam.  Once we heard what they were doing this year, we knew that Idea Hunt had to be a part of it!  

The Road to The Next Web

Idea Hunt has been selected as one of of four companies to represent the Crazy Ones from Sweden, by the organization Business Sweden.  We will be exhibiting Idea Hunt, and we are looking forward to meeting you.  

CEO and Founder Elia Morling, and Director of Community Growth Management, Maggie Franz will be representing Idea Hunt at The Next Web.  You'll find us at De Nieuwe Bibliotheek Launchpad Meetup in Almere on Wednesday, speaking about Idea Hunt and how technology can provide a free peer-2-peer book & knowledge sharing community in the heart of the physical library!  

During The Next Web conference exhibit hours on Thursday and Friday, you can find both Elia and Maggie in the Idea Hunt space located in the Swedish Pavilion in Exhibit Hall 2 and booth A21.

“We believe that the next digital leap for companies will be from information and conversation to co-creation. That’s why we’re really excited to meet the Crazy Ones at The Next Web Conference and share about Idea Hunt - the premiere idea crowdsourcing platform.”

- Elia CEO and founder of Idea Hunt

Want to go to The Next Web 2017?

Want to help us take The Next Web to the next level? Throughout the conference, Idea Hunt is hosting an exciting Idea Hunt for The Next Web.  We are looking for the crazy idea that will make this epic event even better!  The Next Web organizers are in charge of picking winners! The awesome prize is a ticket to the next conference - start thinking!

About Idea Hunt

Where will you find your next big idea? Idea Hunt takes crowdsourcing to a new level. People say that money makes the world go round, but we believe that money chases ideas. We have created a groundbreaking platform and online community that connects entrepreneurs and experts from around the world with new and existing companies to group think and crowdsource their next big ideas. Whether you are looking for your next product, a solution to growth hurdle, need a new logo or creative ways to meet your goals, our Idea Hunters are ready and waiting for you. Create your free hunt and get started today. For more information or information about subscription based models for larger hunts, please contact our Director of Community Growth Management, Maggie Franz: